Arena 2K Solar Floodlight | Dog Walking Field

New Lower Price For Autumn 2023

Good News! Our best selling Arena 2K solar flood light is now available for £175 including VAT with further discounts for quantity purchases.

Traditionally the Arena 2K has been very popular with equestrian folk who use the solar floodlight to light up their riding arenas/manège for night time schooling and exercise using the one or two hour timed illumination mode accessed via the remote control.

We recently had an enquiry from an owner of a 12 acre dog walking field who wanted to provide basic low level illumination for night time dog walkers. Whilst unpractical to floodlight the entire field the owner has initially purchased 12 lights which will be run in PIR mode. The lights will switch on and off automatically when movement is detected within 8 -10 meters of the sensor.

The owner is testing out various spacings between poles and experimenting with mounting heights in order to find the sweet spot between intensity and coverage to utilise each light effectively.

Run time - additional solar panels.

We are keeping in touch and will be doing a case study on this project once initial testing has been carried out. Another interesting application for the ever versatile Arena 2K solar flood light.